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About Us

Located in the heart of Kansas, Deli Halal produces quality cold cuts and cheeses the old-fashioned way. All of our ingredients are hand selected, certified Halal, and prepared in our kitchen with the highest standards in mind. At Deli Halal we cater to quality. Offering an array of beef, turkey, and cheese options conveniently packaged. Our products are created with more than just sandwiches in mind. One thing is certain: we think outside the bread.

That’s our guarantee.


Quality Guarantee

For Deli Halal, we define Integrity as our commitment to Quality, and it starts with Pride: pride in our USDA regulated production facilities, pride in our carefully selected ingredients, and pride in our authentic Halal methods of preparation. Our products are stamped with a seal of approval so that you can enjoy Deli Halal with confidence, anytime, anywhere.

Certified Halal

Pride in Quality