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Halal-Certified Sliced Deli Meat

At Deli Halal, we combine the traditions of the deli with the integrity, responsibility, and dedication of halal food preparation to create only the finest and most wholesome delicatessen meats. Our goal is to give consumers access to high quality deli products they can trust. Not only have our products met the rigorous criteria required to achieve halal certification, but they have also been crafted from the best possible ingredients, responsibly sourced, and raised in a manner that is humane, healthy, and held to a higher standard throughout the process. It’s a responsibility that we take seriously and one that you can taste in every bite of our superior certified-halal deli products!

Deli Halal Roast Beef

Roast Beef

Our USDA inspected, gluten-free roast beef is made from beautifully marbled, halal-certified beef that has been slow roasted to enhance its true flavor, giving you a purely wholesome experience with every bite. Try our 95% FAT-FREE roast beef in sliders, roast beef barbecue sandwiches, Philly cheesesteaks, or even beef stroganoff tonight and taste the Deli Halal difference!

Rotisserie Chicken Breast

Bringing that authentic rotisserie flavor from our kitchen to yours, our premium-quality halal-certified chicken breast begins with all natural, cage-free chicken humanely raised and prepared the “halal way.” Seasoned to perfection, then roasted rotisserie-style to seal in those delicate flavors, this halal-certified chicken breast is perfect on cold sandwiches, hot paninis, or shredded over a salad.

Deli Halal Beef Salami
Deli Halal Turkey Breast

Turkey Breast

At Deli Halal, we believe the best turkey breast begins with turkeys that are raised naturally, treated humanely, and fed only plant-based feed. We start with whole white turkey breast, minimally processed and free of carrageenan or artificial ingredients, and then we roast it to accentuate its natural flavors and seal in the juices! It’s simply amazing on a sandwich, in a panini, or even on a turkey ranch tortilla roll-up!

Beef Pastrami

Beef pastrami is one of the oldest traditions in the deli, and at Deli Halal, we take our pastrami seriously. We start with humanely raised, certified-halal beef. We then cure the meat, season it to perfection, and smoke it to bring out that classic pastrami flavor. The result is always gluten-free, 95% fat-free, and of course, delicious. Try it on a hot pastrami sandwich, bake it in a Stromboli, or toss it into the skillet for a pastrami omelet!

Deli Halal Beef Pastrami

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