About Deli Halal

The Deli Halal Story

Deli Halal was founded to help provide quality halal-certified meat products to a broader market, from strict halal food consumers to those who are simply looking for delicious deli products that are transparent, sustainable, wholesome, and humane. Based in Kansas, Deli Halal has partnered with Halal Transactions of Omaha (HTO) to provide vital third-party oversight through every step of the production process from the farm to your grocer’s deli counter, ensuring that every Deli Halal product is 100% halal-certified. 

Why do we do this? Because the rigorous standards and ideals of Halal food preparation inspire us to improve every aspect of our production process, constantly striving for perfection. Halal is clean and free from non-halal contaminants, halal is wholesome with transparent labeling so you always know exactly what you’re eating, halal is responsible and sustainable, and halal is humane, with food animals who are treated well through every stage of their lives. It’s this dedication to quality and responsibility that makes halal food production such an inspiration and such an integral part of our process here at Deli Halal.

Our Mission

Deli Halal’s mission is to blend the traditions of the deli with the principles and practices of halal food preparation, while taking a socially responsible approach in representing the quality attributes of halal and expanding the food product category to appeal to consumers who make their purchases based on these shared values Acting on this mission, we are constantly pursuing healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable methods of producing our products, including ensuring that all of our food animals are humanely grown and harvested. Inspired by the high standards of halal food preparation, we are always on the lookout for better ways to raise, process, and package our halal-certified meat products, including using High Pressure Processing (HPP) on all of our prepackaged sliced beef and poultry products. Part of our commitment to halal food production includes helping to showcase the many wholesome, sustainable, and responsible attributes that halal standards bring to foods of all kinds.