Our Halal Promise

Transparency and Integrity

What separates us from the other halal-certified products? Transparency! At Deli Halal, our mission is to assist halal consumers in achieving their dietary goals. We make available all of the details of processes and ingredients used within the manufacturing of our products thus enabling our consumers to make informed decisions about their food choices. We believe it’s crucial to provide the proper product information in a clear and concise way so that it is easily understood by the consumer.

Why Halal-Certified?

At Deli Halal, our commitment to the rigorous standards of halal food production inspires us to work harder in every step of our process from the farm to the grocer, so that you know our products are wholesome, responsible, and sustainable. All our animals are humanely raised in enriched environments that allow them to express their natural behaviors. Halal certification ensures our customers that our foods meet the high standards required by halal food production at every stage in the process, which is why all of our meat products are halal-certified by Halal Transactions of Omaha. 

Our Halal Promise

At Deli Halal, we are on a constant pursuit of excellence within the production of our products. We seek to raise the common industry standards and practices used in the production of deli meats as we apply the standards of halal to create a purely wholesome product. We only partner with growers and processors who align with our same high standards of food production. Our meat products are prepared, seasoned, sliced, and packaged within the strict guidelines of halal certification. We use High Pressure Processing (HPP) for food safety and preservation.

Our animals are

  • Humanely Raised
  • Fed a 100% Vegetarian Diet
  • Never Fed Animal By-Products
  • Antibiotic-Free
  • Hormone-Free
  • Raised in Enriched Environments that Allow Them to Express Their Natural Behaviors Effectively
  • Harvested by a Muslim Slaughterman
  • Audited Annually by Halal Transactions of Omaha.

Zabihah Halal

Zabihah meat comes from animals that have been slaughtered according to specific Islamic rules. Our beef animals are all individually slaughtered by an experienced Muslim slaughterman. Our chicken products are made from chickens that are individually hand-harvested. We hope to be able to make this claim on our Halal-certified turkey product soon! All Deli Halal products are certified halal by Halal Transactions of Omaha. You may learn more about our third-party auditor at www.halaltransactions.org