Our Halal Promise

Deli Halal only sources meat from farms where animals are raised The Deli Halal Way and individually harvested ‘Zabiha’ by hand. We adhere to the highest standards of Halal food while carefully selecting the ingredients and processes used to create our premium deli meats.

Transparency and Integrity

We value consumer rights and informed decision-making about food.

And unlike many other deli and halal-certified products, we prioritize providing you with clear ingredients as well as transparency about our production process so that you can understand exactly what you’re eating and make an informed decision about your health.

Deli Halal is…

  • Clean and free from non-halal contaminants such as unnatural additives & artificial ingredients with zero pork or pork by-products.
  • Perfectly wholesome with transparent labeling so you always know exactly what you’re eating with confidence.
  • More ethically responsible and sustainable than other meat producers.
  • Ethically sourced from farm animals that are treated humanely throughout their life cycle.
  • *100% Zabiha halal-certified and routinely audited by third-party Halal Transactions of Omaha.

It’s this dedication to quality and responsibility that makes Halal food production such an inspiration. And that’s why we don’t just do Halal…

We are Halal in everything we do!

*Deli Halal products carry halal certifications from multiple certification boards in the U.S., however, we entrust Halal Transactions of Omaha to certify our final packaged products—which is why our products bear the HTO seal of approval!

A process you can trust.

As the only widely accessible, pre-packaged deli producer that values ethics and care over profits, we’re happy to share our process with you. 

From our farms to your fridge, you can trust that our process is 100% Halal. And believe us—this is not an easy feat. The criteria for Halal certification are incredibly rigorous, but for the sake of quality and consciousness, we believe it’s absolutely worth it. And not only that, we believe it’s our moral responsibility. 

We’re proud to say our meats are sourced only from farms that raise animals the Deli Halal way. That means the animals live in enriched environments and are fed 100% vegetarian diets with no animal byproducts, antibiotics, or hormones. Then, each animal is carefully harvested individually by hand using a peaceful Islamic tradition called ‘Zabiha’.  

  • Humanely raised in enriched environments that allow them to express their natural behaviors
  • Fed a 100% vegetarian diet (free from animal by-products)


  • Antibiotic-free & hormone-free
  • Individually harvested by hand by an experienced Muslim slaughterman using the horizontal method.

Ready to Try Deli Halal?

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